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Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:46

In the usual rollercoaster world of professional boxing the last few months has not been an exception.

Following the destruction of the much hyped Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner by Marcos Maidana; we saw the Floyd Mayweather/Amir Khan/Marcos Maidana debacle. ‘Money’ Mayweather dangled the carrot for the two young fighters putting the decision for who to fight next to a never before seen twitter vote. There were more than 200,000 voters to the poll of which a majority voted Mayweather’s next victim sorry opponent to be Maidana.

Boxing mourns a truly great man - RIP Dean

Wednesday, 09 October 2013 12:30

It’s been a sad time for all at Swelter with the loss of our close friend Dean Powell. I had known Dean since I was a kid when Dean was starting out at the famous Thomas a Beckett gym on the Old Kent Road, London. Dean’s first matchmaking assignment was actually on my father’s promotions in Bristol in the 90’s with the notorious “Bristol Boys” stable headlined by Ross Hale. Dean went on to become a popular and important figure in British boxing working with Frank Maloney, Lennox Lewis Lion Promotions and most recently Frank Warren.

From day one Dean was a great supporter of our brand helping promote and network our suits across his extensive network of boxers and sportspersons. Dean’s advice and support was always gladly received and he will be sorely missed by all at Swelter.

We are Boxing!

Monday, 09 September 2013 09:44

Usually it can be a quieter period for the team at Swelter, as you can imagine sweat suits hardly fly off the shelves during a summer heat wave, but encouragingly it’s been a busy time.

The launch of our New Premier MK2 Sauna Suit in the UK has been a great success and bodes well as we enter the new boxing season with colder weather ahead, this is when our products become vital for those training and losing weight.

Even over the summer when it’s traditionally closed season for boxing there was massive success for Swelter boxers. Spaniard Kiko Martinez won the IBF Super Bantamweight title walking through Johnathan Romero to stop him in sixth round. Kiko has been using our Swelter sweat suits in his training camps for the past couple of years and it’s great to see an underdog make it to the top! Talking of underdog’s on the same night Britain’s Darren Barker also captured a world title in what must be one of the most emotional victories I’ve ever seen in the boxing ring.

“I am Boxing!” proclaimed Floyd Mayweather and its hard to disagree, his clash with Saul Alvarez on September 14th is one not to be missed. It’s been great time for Swelter in the Mayweather Boxing Club with so many of the Money Team wearing our products. IBF Champion Ishe Smith has been training in our Swelter Premier MK2 Suit along with UK stablemate Ashley Theophane who both box on the undercard to Floyd. I remember watching Ishe Smith in the Contender series back in 2004 and it’s an honour for us to have such great athletes choosing to train in our sauna suits.

As we enter September the boxing season gets into full flow and I wish all our boxer’s, MMA fighters, Sportspersons, training enthusiasts and those just trying to shift a few kilos all the best whatever their goals......

Premier MK II

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 15:23

Since designing our Premier sweat suit back in 2007 we have received thousands of compliments from both athletes and everyday satisfied customers about the performance and appearance of the suit. It was our aim to design a sauna suit which could be worn with pride in public and not have to be hidden away like the garish vinyl sweat suits of old. The fact that the Premier Suit design has lasted six years with good sales across the world in a tough global recession has been a great success story for us. However in the ever changing world that is fashion and clothing technology, in 2012, we started the look at a redesign of our Premier Sweat Suit. 

The whole design and manufacturing process of the new Premier suit design was done over a nine month period.  Feedback from our customers, retailers and athletes we identified certain changes that we wanted to make to the overall design of the Premier sweat suit going forward. These were:

- Higher visibility  

- More effective way to store/listen to music devices 

- More streamlined athletic shape to suit trousers 

- Improved waterproof capabilities 

- Improved Sauna Suit performance 

- More stylish appearance

The result of these changes is the Swelter Premier Mk II sweat suit

Firstly we have selected a new range of fabrics for the suit focusing on the waterproof performance of the outer layer and the non breathable performance and durability of the inner Sauna Suit layer.  The two layer fabrics will both increase the “Sauna Effect” in the suit to create our best performance results yet.  You will see we have added reflective piping to the whole suit to help with higher visibility during outdoors training. We have included a music player/smart phone outlet in the breast pocket for a secure and comfortable way to listen to music. In order to make the trousers more accommodating during a workout we adjusted the shape and elasticised the bottoms as opposed to letting them fall naturally. By adding this feature we have helped the trousers trap even more heat and reinforced the sleek tracksuit design of the Premier sweat suit. 

When redesigning the suit we made a conscious decision to make each colour much bolder than on the previous design. The body of the suit is now black instead of the charcoal black/grey. The vertical piping on either side allows the person inside to appear slimmer and the reflective logo and orange pocket trim provide an appealing contrast to the main body of the suit. 

The Premier Mk II Sweat Suit will be available in the UK from July 2013 and will be launched in the US later this year. 

We would like to thank all of the Swelter design team, customers and athletes for their input into the new suit, we hope you like the results! 

Return to Winning ways for Team Swelter

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 11:19

We are now in the third month of 2013 and despite wind, rain, snow and ice things are going well. Since the start of the year we have seen wins from Frankie Gavin, Andre Dirrell, Carl Frampton, Lee Selby, Audley Harrison and Dean Francis. The only two losses from Team Swelter boxers have come from Kiko Martinez and Gavin Rees both of whom lost to sensational opponents and gave terrific accounts of themselves.

A particularly unexpected highlight was a tweet from Floyd Mayweather Jr. featuring a picture of him and his father reunited after their many troubles and Floyd Snr. just happened to be wearing the Swelter premier suit (pictured below)

In addition we are midway through a campaign to give new and existing Swelterwear customers 10% off any of our products in a bid to keep people sticking to their new years resolutions.


We have had a record amount of requests for sponsorship this year but unfortunately due to the large numbers of athletes that we sponsored last year we have not been able to support each one. However we always take it as an enormous compliment that boxers and other athletes want to be seen wearing our products and where possible we will always endevour to help out.

As we look towards the future there are some great fights on the horizon for Team Swelter and as always we will show our full support to our team.

Keep Fighting




A reflection on 2012

Wednesday, 19 December 2012 11:15

It is that time of year here at Swelter where we sit back and reflect on the past 12 months. For the most part we have had a fantastic year, we have sponsored more boxers and MMA fighters than ever before and the popularity of the Swelter brand is now well and truly spreading through the gyms of the UK and the USA. 

Some notable highlights have been ansuccessful defence of Lee Selby's British and Commonwealth titles, a European title win for Lee Haskins and a successful defeence of Kiko Martinez' European belt. Frankie Gavin picked up the British title by defeating Junior Witter and Peter 'Kid Chocolate' Quillin picked up the WBO middleweight title after a demolition job on Hassam N'Dam and finally a winning comeback for veteran Dean Francis.








It has not all been smooth sailing this year with some unexpected losses and retirements. Rendall Munroe recently announced his retirement after a loss to Scott Quigg as did Sam Webb after being beaten over 12 rounds by Brian Rose. Most recently Lee Haskins lost the European bantamweight title which he picked up in July after a toe to toe war with tough Belgian Stephane Jamoye.

Haskins Jamoye







With a full week off over Christmas we will have time to regroup and prepare ourselves for a positive 2013. We will be teasing you with the release of a new Swelter item some time in the New Year and continuing to support to the best of our ability the whole of our team.

Wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Team Swelter on a roll

Monday, 26 November 2012 10:28

The realisation that we are in for a harsh winter is now apparent with most of the UK under water due to the flooding that has occurred in the last week and to top it off snow is on the way! However far removed from the horrific weather conditions, Team Swelter have enjoyed some great success with our fighters in the last couple of months.

Last month Peter 'Kid Chocolate' Quillin put in an outstanding performance to gain the WBO middleweight title by knocking out champion Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam. Two weeks later on our side of the Atlantic it was the turn of the much hyped Frankie Gavin to gain a title as he dismantled an ageing Junior Witter for the Lonsdale belt.We then broke the news that one of our Team Swelter fighters was making a comeback. The former British, Commonwealth and European Champion Dean Francis will take on the undefeated Welsh light heavyweight champion Justyn Hugh this weekend at the Newport Centre. This was followed by a very mature and dominant performance by Liverpool's Tony Bellew when he won the WBC light heavyweight silver belt by overcoming a horrendous cut and a solid opponent in Roberto Bolonti on the Carl Froch undercard.

Vyacheslav Senchenko_and_Swelter_Suit

Last saturday was a night of mixed results for us, unfortunately the 'boxing binman' Rendall Munroe was knocked out in his rematch with the undefeated Scott Quigg and it looks as though he will be taking a long look at the direction of his career for here on out. On the flip side a Team Swelter fighter that often goes unmentioned got a career defining win. Vyacheslav Senchenko knocked out British boxing icon and legend Ricky Hatton with a vicious body shot in the ninth round. The fight was not all his way and Hatton dominated the early rounds but ultimately Senchenko found a way to win.

Obviously we are extremely proud to sponsor such a wealth of talent and we congratulate all of our fighters on their wins but we realise that fighters can't keep winning forever. 

We wish Dean Francis the best of luck on his comeback this Friday and also to European champion Lee Haskins with his defence next month.

Phone call from a friend

Thursday, 08 November 2012 13:10

Winter is fully upon us and I'm sure that I am not on my own when I say that it is going to be a cold one!

Last week I was reviewing my website when I received a strangely worrying call from a long term friend of mine. After an extensive conversation about the usual things in life he mentioned that he was trying to shift some weight. He is just over 6 feet tall with quite a muscular frame. Although he loves going to the gym he is what you would class as more of a 'strong man' than a body builder. That is to say he isn't the ripped six pack type. His conundrum was thus; he had worked out that he was never putting on any weight as he maintained a balanced dit and attended the gym regularly, the problem was though no matter how well he ate or how much he exercised he still couldn't tone his stomach.

The solution he found was to take some weight loss pills known as Clenbuterol which are common amongst those in the body building industry. These pills are thermo genic which means they heat up the body, increase the metabolism and cause you to burn fat. Sound like a good solution right? Wrong! The side effects of these pills in his case (and others) were violent shakes, restlessness, insomnia and dizziness. Although the theory in what these pills do is right they clearly have an adverse effect on the body which has caused them to be banned in performance related sports.

I was not so shocked (knowing his personality) but it did worry me that these are the lengths that people are going to to try and lose weight. Surely if you weigh up the options between doing some effective exercise and putting your heart under strain then one would not chose the latter. Unfortunately we are hearing about more and more cases like this in the boxing world and it will not be until regular testing is implemented or an unfortunate incident occurs that we see a change.

People may look upon our sweat suits as a so called short cut to making weight but I'm sure if you ask any of our professional athletes they will tell you that it is very tough and most importantly natural!

Onwards and Upwards

Wednesday, 26 September 2012 09:18

As we move into the autumn from what was a dissapointing summer in terms of weather Swelter approaches its peak season for boxing and mma. The summer is generally quiet in the world of combat sports due to amongst other things everyone trying to escape the country for warmer climes. However back in July Lee Haskins successfully captured the European bantamweight title by winning a wide points decision over Doncaster's Stuart Hall on the undercard of heavyweight champion in the making Tyson Fury. It was a great home town show for us with Michael Ramabeletsa, Ricky Pow and Michael Graydon all maintaining their winning ways.

James McSweeney_cage_rage


We are proud to be now sponsoring MMA fighter James McSweeney as he continues his journey through the roughest sport on the planet and we wish him luck in his upcoming fight on October 6th. Let's hope that he can emulate the recent return to form of UFC and Swelter fighter Dan Hardy who knocked out Duane Ludwig in stunning fashion at UFC 146 back in May.












On a less positive note we were dissappointed to have to pull out our British and Commonwealth Featherweight champion Lee Selby on the day of his fight with Martin Lindsay due to illness. Lee had been unwell the during the night before the fight with a sickness bug and on doctors orders he was advised to withdraw. This was heart breaking for Lee as he had worked so hard and was looking 'electric' in his preparation but we felt that this was the only option and the safest thing to do. The health of a fighter should always be the primary concern.

Lee Selby_Swelter_600x800
















Looking forward lets hope for another successful season and we will be cheering on every sportsman involved with team Swelter



March Weight Loss Madness at Swelter Wear

Thursday, 29 March 2012 14:55

It's been a really positive start to the 2012 here at Swelter. Our brand is continuing to grow as more and more customers and sportspersons use our range of products.

I was delighted to receive an email from one of our customers Julian Skeels who has spent the last two months dieting and training hard in the Swelter Premier Suit raising money for the Cambodian Children's Charity. Julian has lost 25.9% (28kg, 4.5 stone, 60 lbs) of his body weight in just over 2 months. This is a remarkable achievement and we would like to congratulate Julian on his tremendous weight loss. Please check out his charity page http://www.justgiving.com/SlimSkeels 

Julian Testimonial_Pic

It's great to receive feedback from customers on how the Swelter Suit has helped them lose weight and why they won't train without it. We are keen to hear from more of our customers on their weight loss stories and photos working out in our products. Please feel free to email us at info@swelterwear.com or post to us on Facebook www.facebook.com/swelterwear  or Twitter @SwelterWear.

We have created a Swelter Flickr account this week so please feel free to check out some of our great Swelter photos. http://www.flickr.com/photos/swelterwear/ 

It's been a successful time for our Swelter boxers during February and March, Australia's Billy Dib retained his world title, Spain's Kiko Martinez retained his European Title in France and Enzo Maccarinelli won the British Cruiserweight Title. Wales Jamie Arthur put up a brave challenge for the British Title but was controversially stopped in the eighth round by Scott Quigg.

Now the weight loss theme moves away from sheding those extra pounds added over Christmas to getting in shape for the beach this summer. I am one of those people so it looks like a run tonight in my Swelter Premier Suit is on the agenda! 


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