Swelter Base Layer

Swelter Base Layer

The Swelter Base Layer was launched in 2010 and designed to be worn under the Swelter Suit to create maximum weight loss.

The Swelter Base Layer undergarment incorporates "Speedy Fresh" clothing technology has excellent moisture vapour transmission ability and dries quickly when getting wet. As you sweat the Base Layer transfers your perspiration to the outer layer of the fabric ensuring you remain dry and comfortable as you exercise.

This process will also encourage an increase in the "sauna effect" created from the Swelter Sauna Suit. Sweat is naturally produced to help cool the body as the temperature rises, but as the Swelter Base Layer rapidly pushes perspiration to the surface your body is encouraged to sweat more.

The Swelter Base Layer is designed for both men and women and comes in five sizes


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